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1. Is it safe to do backup my files over the Internet?
Definitely. Your data is safe with Backup Island, we use military level encryption employed by most multi-national banks that require a high level of security. All of your data is 128-bit encrypted and compressed before being uploaded through a secure SSL channel and stored on our secure servers.

Encryption and decryption can only be done with your password,
which is never transmitted during uploading and downloading.
Therefore, nobody, not even us, can read the files.

2. How can I receive email reports only when my backup has a problem?
Although it is important that you be aware whether or not your backup service is running well,
we understand that you may not want to receive an email each day in your inbox.

You can create a rule that moves any email with "Backup Report [Successful]" in the subject directly to the trash.
Here is a helpful guide for Outlook, Eudora, Mac Mail, Netscape, etc.

3. How do I recover my files?
There are two different ways to recover your files.

One is using Backup Island Software:
1. Click on the restore button
2. Select the file(s) to restore*
3. Select the "restore files to" location
4. Click on the Start Restore button

The other is using your Online Account:
1. Sign into your account
2. Click on "File Explorer" in the menu.
3. Click on the Restore link in the top left corner
4. Browse to the folder that contains the files or folders you wish to restore*
5. Check the boxes next to the files or folders you wish to restore
6. Click the Restore Button at the top or bottom of the list
7. Select the "restore files to" location
8. Enter your Decrypting Key (this is the password you designated when you signed up)
9. Click on the Start button

* Note: To see recently deleted or older versions of a file, select "Show all Files".

4. How can I reset my password?
Click here to retrieve your password
Please note that changing your password does not change your current encryption key.
If you have forgotten your encryption key please contact us immediately at 1 (888) 55-BACKUP.

5. My Computer Crashed! How do I get my files onto a new computer?
Click here to install Backup Island software or sign in to your account
(then see How do I recover my files)

6. I am getting a Backup Report [Failed] email. What should I do?
Please open the Backup Report attachment in the email to see what the problem is exactly.
If you cannot resolve the problem, please contact us and we will check it out.

7. How can I recover a file I deleted or changed a few days ago?
See How do I recover my files

8. Can you help me recover data that I did not backup?
We can attempt to recover the data from your hard drive.
Stop using the computer and call us immediately at 1 (888) 55-BACKUP.

9. I tried restoring my data from my online account but I get the message that says "[ERROR] Cannot decrypt backup file. Decrypting key is incorrect". What is wrong?
Check to make sure you have correctly entered your account password in the Decrypting Key box before attempting to restore any file(s). If you have changed your password since you first created your backup account, please enter your original password from when you started your backup account into the Decrypting Key box then click on the Start button.

10. Isn't my password the same as my encrypting key?
Not necessarily. When you set up your account for the first time you had the option of making it the same as your password or choosing a separate encryption key. The default option was to make it the same as your password. Once you make this choice your encryption key will never change. Even if have changed your account password your encryption key is whatever you chose the day you setup your backup account.

11. I am trying to restore my files through my online account and I am stuck on a page that says "You should see a "Restore" button here", but I don't. What can I do?
You need to install Java to be able to see the button and restore your files.    Download Java Here

12. Can I install backup multiple computers with Backup Island?
Yes. The easy way would be setup a different backup account for each computer.
The other option would be to setup network drives and backup using your network.
Information on how to backup a mapped network drive can be found on page 9 of our User Guide .

13. My internet connection is slower when I am backing up, what can I do?
This may be a problem when you first begin your backup account due to the large amount of data being backed up and your internet connection speed. We recommend you set your backup schedule to start at night and only run until the morning until the majority of your files have been backed up. That way it will not interfere with your day time usage.

14. How do I set Backup Island to backup my files only during certain times?
Click on the Backup Schedule Icon in the bottom right of the Backup Island software.
Select the start time and then change the end time to end after a certain number of hours.

15. What is the "Enable off-line backup" option found in "Backup Setting" area?
The off-line backup feature is already set to "1" day to make sure your computer is backed up each day.
If your computer could not perform a scheduled backup due to being powered off or disconnected from the internet,
in this case for "1" day since the last backup, this reminder will pop up when your computer reconnects to the internet giving you a chance to manually backup.

16. What is the "Enable Volume Shadow Copy" option found in "Backup Setting" area?
This is an option that allows Windows XP & Vista users to backup most files while they are either locked or opened.

17. What is "Enable System Logout Backup Reminder" in the "Backup Setting" area?
This is a reminder message that will pop up when you shut down your computer.
It allows you to automatically perform a backup your computer during the shut down process.


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